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Discount Cards

Discount Card Sale Extended to Next Wednesday!!!

We will be selling Discount Cards and counting them toward section totals through Wednesday, August 21st

Please bring your money and any unsold cards to the Sousaphone Station in the Parking lot (one of the first parking spaces as you enter the main section of the senior parking lot)  Look for the balloon and Sousaphone top.  Money will be collected starting at 5:45 each day.  If you need extra cards this weekend, please contact Jennie Hayes at (859) 229-9376 or

Total Amount Collected to date:  $12,240
Goal Amount:  $20,000

Section Totals(Cards Sold/Potential Cards in Section):
Alto Sax:  23%
Baritone:  42%
Clarinet:  57.27%
Colorguard:  44.27%
Flute:  36.19%
Low Reeds:  37.14%
Mellophone:  83.33%
Percussion:  32.59%
Sousaphone:  65%
Trombone:  17.78%
Trumpet:  37.18%