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April 13, 2017

Money Collection for Raffle and Spring Flowers/Treats Fundraiser


Raffle ticket money collection will take place Friday, April 14th after school during Concert Camp and on Saturday morning during Concert Camp. If you have sold your 25 tickets, please bring the $250 collected and the completed ticket stubs. 

The success of this fundraiser is solely dependent on the number of tickets purchased, so please do your best to sell your 25 tickets. If you have already sold those, we’ll be happy to give you another set! Remember that tickets can be sold to the Bingo patrons, so come to the Bingo Hall and sell pull tabs too!

At this point, the student drawing amount is still at $100.  Please sell and return your raffle tickets so that the amount can increase! 

There are still several payments from the Spring Flowers/Sweet Treats Fundraiser that have not been turned in. Please bring those payments on Friday or Saturday.

If you have any questions, please contact John or Melena Dailey at dailey1997@yahoo.com.

Thank you!
The Fundraising Committee



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