KMEA Quarterfinals

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KMEA Quarterfinals
8:00am Rehearsal at Lafayette
10:30 Lunch at Lafayette and Dress into Uniform
12:00pm Load buses
12:15 Depart for Tates Creek
12:45 Arrive at Tates Creek
1:15 Warm-up
1:45 Gate
2:00 Perform
2:15 Put up equipment
2:45 Depart for Lafayette-Drum Majors and staff will represent POTB
3:15 Arrive, dress-out, snack
4:00 Mandatory rest
5:30 Dinner provided
6:30 Rehearsal at stadium
9:00 Rehearsal ends

— It is very important to check and double-check the items in your Red Bag prior to every performance! Make certain all required items are present, clean. This is important information to remember prior to every football game and competition!

Parents and Students — Carefully review these instructions:

  • Bring money for gloves if needed. $8
  • Clean and polish shoes
  • Have your band camp shirt to wear under your uniform.
  • Wear long black socks – plain, no stripes! (It’s good just to keep an extra pair of socks in your bag)
  • Bring the dark gym shorts
  • If there is a problem with your uniform, see a member of the uniform team.
  • We always appear in public dressed in full uniform unless Mr. Smith or Mr. Bishop have informed the students otherwise.

Hair should not touch the collar when dressed in uniform, therefore, students with longer hair should bring items to secure their hair in a ponytail or purchase a wig cap.

Have class – YOU are the “PRIDE OF THE BLUEGRASS”! Always support other performing groups! Refuse to say anything negative, no matter what might be said to you.