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The Lafayette Band Association, our band parent organization, exists to support the Lafayette High School Band Program; to encourage and aid, financially and otherwise, the study of music; and to furnish means, equipment and property necessary for the conduct of the band program. The Lafayette Band Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and is tax-exempt under this section of the Internal Revenue Code.
Board Position Name Email Phone
President Casie Clements 859-229-5118 
1st Vice President, Fundraising John & Melena Dailey 859-353-2900 (John)
859-619-4776 (Melena)
2nd Vice President, Food & Travel Jim & Jane DeRossett
859-492-8909 (Jim)
859-396-5387 (Jane)
Treasurer Greg & Regina Wild 859-619-6990 (Greg)
859-619-3423 (Regina)
Associate Treasurer Karen & John Horne
859-351-2032 (John)
859-230-8788 (Karen)
Recording Secretary Andrew & Charlotte Manno
859-806-9873 (Andrew)
859-806-9872 (Charlotte)
Corresponding Secretary Troy Hinkle 859-492-4638
Director Rich & Jane Andreatta
859-361-0882 (Rich)
859-361-0700 (Jane)
Director Liz Booth 859-559-2650
Director Cathy Concors 865-314-9110
Director Tricia SirLouis 859-285-9349
Director Tim & Jennifer Walden
859-621-3251 (Tim)
859-621-1543 (Jennifer)
Ex-Officio Members    
Director of Bands Charles M. Smith 859-381-3474 ext. 1473
Associate Director
of Bands
Robert Dee Bishop 859-381-3474 ext. 1337
Non-Board Positions    
Crew Contacts      
Band Store Jennifer Longworth 859-361-0595
Bingo Volunteers Dan Prevette 859-338-0296
Chaperones Mike Booth 859-227-7985
Chaperone Medical Merrille Stevens 859-797-8329
CHARMS Liz Booth 859-559-2650
Color Guard Sherry Sever 859-539-8802
Field Crew Matt King 859-699-6390
Food & Travel Jim & Jane DeRossett
859-492-8909 (Jim)
859-396-5387 (Jane)
Uniforms Amy King 859-227-4253