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SnapRaise Fundraiser

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Here are the INSTRUCTIONS for creating/logging into your Snap! Raise account.  Please do not create another account if you already have one.

We are off to a great start!  We currently have more than $10,000!  We are well on our way to meeting our goal!!!  This is after 2 days of the site being active.  There have been many questions since we launched on Thursday and Friday.  Here are my most frequent answers:

Can I donate in a check form instead of online?  Yes, place the donation in the black box on the wall in the band room.

-How do I opt out of this fundraiser?  Easy- send in a check made out to LBA for our suggested donation amount of $75.

-Where do I send my check?   You can have your child put the check with your child’s name on it in the LBA black box on the wall in the band room.

-What if we don’t have all 20 emails?  Every email counts.  Have your child do the best they can.  20 emails is what gets them full credit toward the week 1 incentive (Time in the tower for their section), but every email will help get us closer to our band participation goal.  The higher participation our kids have with Snap! Raise, the more money we get to keep.  We keep 70% if our participation is below 70%.  If our participation is above 70%, then we will keep 77% of all donations.

-If we opt out, does my child get full credit for the fundraiser, and does it negatively affect participation in the fundraiser?  Yes, if you opt out, your child will get full credit for both the Week 1 and Week 2 incentives.  No, we will not count your child in the number of participants if you opt out, so they will not negatively impact our goal to get 77% of the proceeds back.

-What are the PRIZES for Snap! Raise:

WEEK 1:  After week one, the Section with the highest percentage of participation will receive the highly covetedTime in the Towerduring band rehearsal. The Section Prize will be awarded to the Section who has the most number of students who put in 20 or more valid emails. If paying the Opt-Out donation**, you will be credited for 100% participation.

**Opt-out suggested donation of $75 must be paid by the student’s family. Families with more than one student in the band are welcome to opt out at $75 for the first student and $50 each student after.

WEEK 2:  After week two, if you qualify as an individual you can enjoy a popsicle while watching the other kids run during the running portion of warm-ups.  To qualify you need to have at least 3 donations OR choose to opt out OR raise more than $150 for Snap! Raise.  If you qualify, you will get to rest comfortably by the blue building as the rest of the band or Colorguard run during warm-ups at a specified practice.  For Pit members, we will make sure that this is a day that Pit is running during warm-ups.

INDIVIDUAL PRIZES: The top dollar amount recipient will receive $50 cash, 2nd place will receive $25 cash, and 3rd place will receive $15 cash.

-What exactly IS Snap!Raise?  Who Should I send emails to?  Is it too late to put in emails?

Snap! Raise  is the nation’s leading fundraising platform for groups, clubs and teams. For the past five years, Snap! Raise has helped more than 35,000 groups in the U.S. raise more than $400M in funding!

Snap! Raise suggests that each student band member send out 20 emails regarding the fundraiser. It is NOT too late to have your student input emails!

Here are the INSTRUCTIONS for creating/logging into your Snap! Raise account.

The list of 20 people should include many of your child’s biggest fans and needs to be completed in full to ensure our campaign is set up for success. It is my hope and expectation that each student will have a major impact on our program. Here are the next steps:

  • Help your student select at least 20 potential supporters
  • Follow the INSTRUCTIONS link above
  • Avoid using emails of teachers, peers of your students, or strangers

Here are 20 examples of people your student should consider adding at a minimum.

  1. Parent(s)/Guardian #1
  2. Parent(s)/Guardian #2
  3. Grandma
  4. Grandpa
  5. Cousin(s)
  6. Uncle(s)
  7. Auntie(s)
  8. Family doctor
  9. Orthodontist/dentist
  10. Church/Social leader
  11. Scout/troop leader
  12. Family friend #1
  13. Family friend #2
  14. Former coach
  15. School alumni
  16. Local businesses that know you
  17. Neighbor(s)
  18. Parent co-worker(s)
  19. Friend of parent
  20. Adult sibling(s)

Email or contact Jennie Hayes (859-229-9376) with any other questions.

Thank you for all of your continued support of Lafayette Band!  We could not do it without each of you!