SnapRaise Fundraiser

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SnapRaise Fundraiser

-Collect 20 email addresses and bring with you on November 30 (parade practice).
-Bring your phones and emails on the 30th.
-Emails will be sent after November 30.
-The better our participation, the more $$$ we get!
-Great for family and friends who do not live in the Lexington area.

SnapRaise is a totally online fundraiser that is donation-based. Each band student will be asked to collect 20 email addresses and bring back on November 30. Emails will be sent through SnapRaise to those individuals after the 30th. The email will contain a brief description and short video of the Lafayette Band – asking for donations. Donations are all made via SnapRaise’s secure website. No emails or credit card info is kept or stored by SnapRaise after the fundraiser ends. Email recipients will have 4 weeks to make an online donation. The more band students that get at least 1 online donation, the bigger percentage of the money we get! Our hope is that this fundraiser is a huge success and we can eventually replace some of our current fundraisers with this brand-new, easy-to-use, safe and secure fundraiser! Many of the large bands around the country use this fundraiser with some making upwards of $40,000. Average donation using SnapRaise in Kentucky is over $200 per student. If all Lafayette Band students participate, we could raise $35,000!!!!!