2017 Summer Assignments with Videos

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2017 Summer Assignments with Videos

Create a video of your performing the following listed assignments. Send a youtube link (instructions below) or send as your own video file to lafayettebanddirector@yahoo.com.  This email address is used for video assignments only. It is not counted as communication of announcements or any other Lafayette band communication.

Assignment #1

Winds-Lafayette warm-up exercises #6 & 19.  Tempo = your best speed to play accurately.

A metronome needs to be audible for your video. You can find free metronome apps on your phone

Due- June 22, 2017


Assignment #2

Winds- Lafayette warm-up exercise #8. Temp= best speed to paled accurately.

All winds – Body warm-up

Due- July 13, 2017


Links to Dennis McElroy demonstrating exercise #6, 8 & 19 can be found on the band website.  There is also a link to Jaasiel Wilson performing the body warm-up




Instructions to create youtube link assignment

1)      Create a YouTube Account

2)      Record a Video

3)      Sign in to your YouTube Account

4)      Select MY Channel/Upload

5)      Select the video from your files you wish to upload

6)      Name the video with Your Name, Video Assignment title, The Date

7)      Select “UNLISTED” from the privacy menu

8)      Upload

9)      Once upload is complete, Copy and Paste the link to your video into and e-mail

10)   Send the E-mail to lafayettebanddirector@yahoo.com.  In the subject line, put the name of the assignment.