Lafayette Band Association BINGO!

Join us to play or volunteer!

Where?  Lex Go Bingo, 1230 Eastland Dr, Lexington, KY 40505

When?  Every Thursday, doors open @ 6 pm, games start @ 7 pm

Why?  Have fun and help raise money to support the LBA!

Click here to volunteer or check dates you’ve already signed up for!

Here’s a short video from the bingo hall that shows our team in action.

Want to know more?

When is my section set to sell pull tabs (Click on the schedule below to enlarge)?

What is “selling pull-tabs”?

Pull-tab sellers walk around among the Bingo players. Each seller has a box with a few hundred “pull-tabs”. Pull-tabs are little scratch off cards that can be instant winners, or drawing winners throughout the night. There are different “games”, which each have their own twist and prize distributions.  Players pay $1 (in cash) for a pull-tab, and sometimes buy 10, 50, or 100 at a time. Pull-tab sellers walk around calling out the name of the game they are selling, and head towards any player who wants to buy for that game. When a seller sells all the pull-tabs in their box, they head to the back office to trade in their cash for a new set to sell!

What are the “counter” positions?

These positions have specific stations at the sales counter or in the back office. There are a range of positions:

  • Paper sales – sell paper bingo cards to patrons and help organize bundles of paper cards for future nights
  • Computer sales – sell bingo computers to patrons
  • Payout – manage and record cash payouts to winners, sell bingo supplies to patrons
  • Caller – Run the bingo game calling out the games and numbers!
  • Back – Organizes pull tab games and prizes, record keeping, money management
  • Pull-tab Manager – Manages pull-tab sales team, tracks pull-tabs sales
  • Pull-tab Bundler – Prepares stacks of pull-tabs for sales team
  • Chair – Overall manager for the night

Counter positions are fun, and we all work together! We have a rotating monthly schedule for counter positions. If you’d like to learn more about a counter position or maybe even join a rotation (each person usually help out once a month), sign up for a “Training” slot on the volunteer sign-up!

What is “Training” on the sign-up page? Do I need training?

If you’d like to help out selling pull tabs, NO TRAINING is necessary! It’s easy and fun, and we all work together—so if it’s your first time or hundredth, we’ve got you covered!

“Training” on the sign-up sheet is for people who’d like to learn about a counter position and possibly join our monthly rotation schedule for those positions.  They’re easy, fun, and social, but it’s helpful to spend a Thursday with someone who’s done it before!  If you sign up for training, our Bingo staff will reach out to talk with you about which counter position you’d like to explore!

Is it safe?  Yes!  We have paid security on site!

Is it fun?  Yes!  We’re kind of a family as volunteers, and we get to know many of the patrons who come every week. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, and every has a good time!

How much money does the band make?  It varies depending on how many patrons attend, but we aim to make a profit of more than $1,000 a night!

Other Questions?  Contact!