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Flag Fundraiser

Please have 5 subscriptions by 5/11/21
Your child should have a manilla envelope with all of the information in their backpack.  Please help them distribute the flyers to neighbors, family, and friends.

Instruction Sheet

The premise of the fundraiser:  Lafayette Band will place flags outside the homes of Lexington subscribers on 5 major holidays (Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Veteran’s Day).  The cost is $60 annually.  Please check out our website at https://honorwithflags.com/lafayetteband for more details.

Each band member is asked to try and acquire 5 subscriptions.  Make sure people who subscribe because of your request list your child’s name so they will get credit toward this fundraiser.  Our intention is that this fundraiser will fill the void from the loss of Bingo this year.  The QR Code you can use/share for Lexington friends, who can also subscribe, is here: